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Veterans for political innovation

State Leaders

State Leaders are on-the-ground advocates for election innovations in their home states. The situation on the ground is different in each state. For example, some innovations happen in the state legislatures while other changes can happen at the ballot box. In Nevada, VPI State Leaders are advocating on behalf of the Better Elections Amendment. Missourians will vote on November 8, 2022 on whether or not to pass the amendment. Learn more about the Better Elections Amendment here.

Missouri Testimonials

"As a former Naval officer and current Missouri Voter, I support Better Elections / Top-4 Open Primaries because I think it would lead to elections where the candidates who win are ones who appeal to a broader range of the electorate."
John D. Comerford
U.S. Navy Veteran
"The United States has given the world to me- I have had the opportunity to see the world, improve the world, and chase my dreams. By continuing to innovate and improve our political system, we can ensure that future generations are given those opportunities. We do not need to follow the tragic precedent of other great societies who ultimately fell. The US was founded on political innovation- we are unique in every way. To continue to be the Land of the Free, we must continually innovate and improve."
Katie Landry
Military Veteran
“As a Navy veteran and proud independent voter, I am tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils. In every industry, other than politics, we love healthy competition. Our two-party political system is a classic "duopoly"; and, the lack of healthy competition in over 80% of our elections is leading to terrible incentives and terrible results - political grandstanding, partisan gridlock and toxic dysfunction. I support Final Five Voting because more choices give me the opportunity to find leaders who are truly in line with my point of view and who will be incentivized to solve problems and lead in a way that benefits all of their constituents, not only the most extreme partisan minority."
Eric Bronner
U.S. Navy Veteran
Kevin Miller
U.S. Army Veteran

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