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We believe many of our problems start with partisan primaries. Nearly half of all veterans identify as political independents and they are prevented from participating in closed primaries.

The primary Problem

Despite a record turnout in the 2020 general election, only 10% of eligible Americans nationwide cast ballots in primary elections that effectively decided the winners in a supermajority (83%) of Congressional seats.

Adopting RCV can save jurisdications money and increase civility in campaigns.

What is Ranked-Choice Voting?

Single-choice, winner-take-all voting can sometimes result in the election of a candidate who earned only a small percentage of the vote. Ranked-choice voting is another voting method which allows voters to rank their favorite candidates in order of preference.

Final Five Voting is a powerful combination of a top-five open primary election and ranked choice voting in the general election. We recommend checking out this video to learn more about Final Five Voting

What is Final-five voting?

Final-Five Voting is the powerful combination of open primaries and ranked-choice voting in the general election.

Our innovations in the news

Last week, lawmakers in the Maine House and Senate voted overwhelmingly to advance a bill aimed at opening up primary elections to unenrolled and independent voters. 

A bipartisan team of state lawmakers wants to encourage more cooperation in Congress by requiring candidates to earn broader support from Wisconsin voters.
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