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The Constitution gives states the power to change their rules for Congressional elections as they see fit. There are two methods for change:

  • All states can use the legislative route in which the legislature passes a bill, which is then signed into law by the governor, to adopt an innovation.
  • Approximately half of the states can adopt our innovations using ballot measures or ballot propositions. Thus, the citizens vote directly on the law, thereby bypassing the legislature.


Last week, lawmakers in the Maine House and Senate voted overwhelmingly to advance a bill aimed at opening up primary elections to unenrolled and independent voters. 

A bipartisan team of state lawmakers wants to encourage more cooperation in Congress by requiring candidates to earn broader support from Wisconsin voters.

Free Exchange By The Badger Institute

Free markets, limited government, and individual liberty- you know these principles, now hear the stories of the men and women who embody them and the policies that advance them. Listen as the team from Wisconsin’s Badger Institute come together to demystify, explore, and discover ways to make communities in our state freer and more prosperous, one episode at a time.

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